Reading into images

The image above comprises of two pictures with possibly the same girl standing still in one while she strikes a pose in the other. She is wearing a simple, ankle length, navy blue dress in the picture on the left and a short, slightly revealing red and blue dress in the picture on the right. There seems to be a transformation in attitude from one picture to another. In the left picture, her body language suggests that’s she looks nerdy, suppressed and mostly sad, she seems to be in the dark, struggling to get out of the situation that she is in currently. On the right however, she stands tall with her head high like she may be challenging the person in front of her. She is fearless and her expression appears to be dominating. That extra dash of red in her dress adds to her fire. The heels that she is wearing add to her height and help enhance her posture. Her hair and make up accentuate the entire look. The picture on the right has a blue background as opposed to the yellow one on the left. This adds life to the image. Besides, there is a ray of light directed towards her which probably means that she alone is the one under the spotlight in a larger area.

Hussain was now an orphan. They had killed his parents last summer and were now on the hunt for him, his uncles and aunts and his younger siblings. He didn’t know who “they” were or why they wanted his head but he knew that sooner or later, they would come for him. He spent each day in the fear that it might be his last. According to his uncles, living in an isolated cottage a little away from civilization was the solution to their problem. They tried to protect Hussain and his siblings by never letting them out of the house. One evening his uncles went hunting leaving him in charge. He comforted his family and tucked them into bed and sat leaning against the wall, peering through the tiny hole. After an hour or two, he saw his uncles returning with a huge animal, a hearty meal but they seemed to be more in number. This got him thinking. As they got closer, he could see five men with guns in their hands. As soon as they crossed the bridge, those men he cringed at the sound of bullets. The next thing he saw were dead bodies lying pure white snow, slowly coloring it red. He knew it was his turn next. Incapable of any action, he gasped for air, took his last few breaths and prepared to re-unite with his parents.

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