Sight Assignment 1

moodboardMood Board for an Ice Cream Parlor

This image is a mood board for an imaginary ice cream parlor and it is easy to see exactly what kind of space it would be. Despite the fact that actual sketches, finalized logos or colour palettes aren’t present it is the associations one has with the collage that gives a feel of what the place might be like.

Overall, the place might be a high end one. Luxurious. Exclusive. Possibly a small outlet, but classy and sophisticated. The area might be a slate grey with white tableware. The logo might include a gold element. Even the people who visit do not seem the type to do so in shorts and flip-flops. 

This to me is the magic of mood boards because even without any realistic elements, one can still have a clear image of what the collage is meant to show. One can imagine being in the place without truly knowing any of it; and all of this is only because the creation of the mood board was done to play on the mental ideas we already have. So why bother trying to create one single ‘original’ image to describe a place, situation or atmosphere when organizing many existing ones can possibly do a better job?

last of us
Last of Us illustration

This simple illustration is one that sets a mood for a much larger story. Plain silhouettes are set brilliantly against a monochromatic background to give a feeling of loneliness and isolation. Despite minimal details, one still gets a feeling of what might be happening in the scene, especially because of the figures being framed from a dilapidated archway.
The illustrations tiny (albeit few) details are what make it so special because they are subtle signs as to what the drawing really refer to. The shades of orange and yellow give the illustration a sense of finality, as if it were drawing to the end of the day where the characters are. Even the true relationship between the characters is unknown but a first time viewer can guess that they might have a familial type bond.
The truly special part of this illustration however is that all these guesses point exactly to where the art originated. First time viewers wouldn’t know that it is fan art of a popular video game, or that the game itself is about a zombie ridden, post apocalyptic America. However the artist has perfectly captured the scene from the game with reference to the location and mood. The infrastructure places exactly where on the timeline the scene is from but the treatment of the drawing is what perfectly communicates the mood.


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