Sense of Sight: 2

As a yUnderageModelsVogueParis14oung girl, I remember sneaking into my mother’s make up box, and looking at all her lip colours, just hoping for the day when she would allow me to use it! But this Paris Vogue’s cover makes me feel so glad that I was never allowed to use makeup back then.

A young girl, hardly looking innocent at all, dressed from top to bottom in designer wear makes me question what this generation is all about. Hair tightly tied up in a puff, with strikingly long eyelashes, nude makeup and a long gold gown, what is the image trying to prove? Is it that fashion starts at no age,or are kids the only ones left who fill in the weight criteria for the models?

Although not literally in her attire, but to me the pose in bed does seem sexually explicit. The most prominent stereotype of leopard print having a wild connotation adds a layer on to an erotic image created. The small rabbits, around them have been placed, trying hard to make the image look a little child like, but failing miserably. This maybe a bit extreme of a title, but yet the image does resonate prostitution to me,where age is no control to make one appear as something. Even through the perspective of a fashion student, this image leaves me disgusted, cause fashion is definitely a little more deep than personifying pedophilia fantasies. 


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