Sense of Sight: 1

a2 print2The model casually poses smoking a puff in the first image, and then giving a death stare to the viewer in the second shot.  She wears the ‘DON’T CARE’ attitude, and in a way seems like she’s intentionally smoking just to offend someone. Moreover the play with text saying, ‘Fashion me a Smoke’, further more combines the stereotype of smoking to look cool in the fashion industry. The lung like form, in the second photograph, fits her body like a second skin, perhaps as a metaphor as to how comfortable she is in the spotted, charred apparel. Her posture in the first image takes me back to the memories of young teenagers’ Instagram posts, sporting the same attitude; which makes me question again that are they inspired by this image or the other way round? From a visual perspective even though the colours in both the images are faded, the little fag in her hand makes the image loud, and unsubtle. One can sense the smoke, and maybe if the image is seen while smoking, one might actually find the photo ‘fashionable’ after all.


One comment

  1. khyatidoshi1995 · February 18, 2015

    I personally find this one of the most creative and effective awareness illustration as there is an intentional effort in creating a simple top with a print of a play on words, and also an attempt to create a grotesque and yet eye catching garment inspired by the lungs.
    There is intention in the choice of model (almost brings out the aspect of smoking leading to skinniness) and in the awareness issue itself. Smoking is a bubbling ‘hook on’ for majority of the youth!


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