Sense of Sight Task 2: Write up of a picture of an Image

The Fault In Our Stars (Music From the Motion Picture)

The image is like 2 halves of the same coin,together yet apart.It almost feels as though it is a mirror image mimicing the bliss that is shared by the two people depicted in the image.

The image’s color is earthy and savage, at the same time it gives you a sense of comfort and love.

The image reminds me of a playing card with either the queen or king in it, as their relection is shown on both halves of the same card and its almost as if one cannot coexist without the other.

They make each other whole, one without the other makes no sense and it delivers a feeling of emptyness.

The two beings in the image fit like a puzzle, set so perfectly that it could signify ying and yang.

There are two hands on either side of the image and it brings the image to a close, like the begining and the end of an epic tale.


One comment

  1. riyaranka · February 18, 2015

    Really good comparison of the picture with playing cards! Moreover, entirely the picture also seems to have a sense of nostalgia,with the chalk like font taking one back to school days, and the earthly colours even though dark are fresh and are bursting with life. You could even notice the shades of the hair of the two people in the image synchronised.
    The shades and palette alone can reveal many more details adding a layer to the picture!


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