Sense of Sight: Assignment 1

Save poster

This poster seems like it belongs to the WWF as the logo is placed at the top corner. What I find impactful about is the simplicity in the work and boldness in the use of only one word. That one word is used to convey a message in correlation to the fish. However, the repetitive use of the points shows the art of stippling, where multiple points are used to fill the object. The minimalistic background with meticulous work on the center element is what this poster shows. Moreover, keeping in mind the style that has been used one would relate it to the Indian art form of Gond paintings, which is done exactly in this manner. Not only is the style used on the two fish but also surrounding the word “save” and the earthen like rough uneven background. All the Gond painting have animals as its pivotal focus and usually found in pairs, similar to what is show on this. Having the two fish, the word save and the WWF logo all are correlated. I feel it is a message for overfishing in India, as the style is Indian at the same time the poster reads save. The center focus of the poster is the two fish and the colours used are complementary colours that are enhancing the poster.

sunset - photography

The colours captured in this photograph are extremely contrasting. The trees are like silhouettes on the luminous background they are placed against. It is the four vertical tree trunks that make the viewer interpret and observe the photograph in different ways. The jet-black silhouette of the trees and the niceties in the leaves make the branches look like monster hands and giving the trees a eerie look. Having a closer look one would notice that the trees are symmetrical with the sun positioned in the center of the image. The transition of colours not only shows dawn, but also shows the passage of time and divides the photograph into three parts. I find it fascinating how nature manages to show thee shift in colours in the sky so smoothly. The calm and tranquil atmosphere resonates because of the colours and stillness and details shown in the trees. The towering trees covering most of the photograph serve as a shield for whatever is behind them, allowing a lens like opening for the sun to pass through. The giant, never ending tree barks appear to be high-rise buildings in a concrete jungle.

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