Assignment 1 – Sense of Sight

image 1

This picture clicked on an evening at marine drive through a car’s window can draw multiple relations to nature and the metropolitan city Mumbai. The fading light of the sunset, the tornado-like formation of the clouds, the groups of scattered people and the tall skyline of Mumbai are the most prominent. The feeling of movement is very strong because of the blurry state of the trees, the people, the sky and the pathway.

The clouds that have a tornado formation, spreading towards the right of the pictures gives a feeling of a surging storm. The slant angle at which the clouds are positioned show the direction the storm is moving, towards the cityscape.

The movement of the storm is also seen because of the difference of colour in the skies. The contrast of the dark blue at the left of the image to that of the right can almost show the storm engulfing the skies.

Another relation this picture projects is the dynamism of nature that is innately changing. This change can be seen through the sensation of movement in the clouds, trees and seas. However this contradicts the still and concrete structures of the dark coloured buildings of Mumbai that show the struggle of urbanization.

A third perspective shows the relation between man and nature. Mans achievements and progress shown by the skyline is seen as insignificant by the omnipresence of nature which can foreshadow the grandness of the tall buildings. Seen by the clouds progressing towards the row of buildings.


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