Assignment 2 – Sense of Sight

Image 2 Image 2.a

This wooden structure was made for my project called ‘Flight’. The structure had to reflect flight or a perception of it. My perception of flight is shown through an abstracted form of birds. This structure can be perceived in a number of ways besides that of flight.

When the structure is closed, one of the first formations it takes is that of two rings intersecting each other. However when the structure is opened as seen in the second picture and each part of the structure is opened up as well, it takes the form of an exploded ball.

The appearance of the structure also resembles a children’s toy that help in their motor skills. The circular form can also be seen as the shape of the alphabet o.

The opened form, with the difference in thickness and increasing heights, starts to form a maze or a jungle gym where the level of difficulty increases with every rise.

The flexible nature of the structure creates a sense of fluidity. This flexible and fluid state can also be a representative of an abstracted dancer striking a pose in the purest form. The pure and raw feature comes through the use of material, which is wood, and the fact that the structure is not coloured. Which is a factor to show it as pure without any use of façades.


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