sense of sight: 1.

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“Anorexia is a disease not a fashion statement.”

Children, teenagers and adults are starving all over the world, not cause of poverty, diseases or calamities, but because of vanity. The thoughts about our exterior, our weight, our make-up and our clothes fill our head until it hurts. We would rather bleed, perish and shrink than eat an extra calorie, and if this doesn’t bother you, I don’t know what will. Because of the increasing statistics of this problem, I decided to make a garment that shows us the gruesome and horrific nature of Anorexia. Anorexia is a disease where you purposefully retain all nutrition and food from your body in order to fit into someone else’s idea of ‘beauty’. For me this is an extremely pressing issue. We all have problems that are personal but I think its time we open our minds and hearts to those problems that move beyond us and affect the society we live in at large. I made my garment also to focus on the modeling world and how anorexia should mostly be abstained from in that world more than any other. Anorexia is a disease not a fashion statement. ZERO is not a size. In becoming this invisible size through this horrific eating disorder people start looking less like humans and more like sketches. People we need to remember. “YOU ARE NOT A SKETCH” stop trying to look like one.

The materials that are used were lycra in different thicknesses and thick wire. The gestalt principle that is used is symmetry this is shown through symmetry in color and that of the rib cage as well. The design principle I had used is that of symbology because my entire garment depends on my rib cage symbolizing anorexia and it’s various repercussions. I hope this garment gives each individual a chance to look in the mirror, and for gods sake EAT THAT PIZZA.


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