Sense of Sight: 1

Leopard Print 


Animal prints/skin are extremely controversial when it comes to the fashion industry. There are a number of preconceived notions that only vulgar and savage like people wear animal prints. In actuality our brains are said to be hardwired to perceive some animals as dangerous and therefore wearing that print/ skin conveys power to the wearer. Basically what animal print does, it portrays the wearer to be a threat therefore when men look at woman in animal prints they perceive them as threatening. The male instinct is such that they find threatening and fierce women sexy and therefore creating a lot more intrigue, which is why some people think that wearing animal print is rather slutty. This garment is a blend of threat and power, making a bold statement. The full dress isn’t in leopard print therefore isn’t completely overwhelming, but the panels of the print is enough to make it appropriately eye catching. Paired with black stilettos and a clutch would make it a perfect outfit for a girl’s night out with just the right amount of fierceness and sass. Some would see this garment as provocative because of the print but with the proper neckline and moderate hem it’s an over all success.

Passing Time


We all know that time passes irrevocably. It is the one thing that cannot be undone or controlled. This picture, very appropriately shows the passing of time, ironically in a still shot. Such an image is generally achieved by altering the shutter speed of the lens, which means that it would capture a lot more movement, of course a steady hand is essential for a comprehensive photograph. On a first glance the theme of the photograph seems very obvious, the passing of time, but after further consideration one can realize it’s not only passing of time but also a take on the fast pacing life of people in the world today. This picture isn’t place pacific, as in you cant tell where its taken or even the nationally of the subjects therefore making this picture an over all general statement about the hustle and bustle of peoples lives in todays generation. The fact that this picture is in black and white makes one focus on the theme of the picture rather than get distracted by all the unnecessary colour. I feel that using black and white also reinforces the idea of something that is in the past, and talking about passing time in a photograph of a moment that has already passed seems to work together. The photograph at some places also looks like a paining, which I find, is very interesting. Intentional or not I feel like this photograph works as a piece of art with integrity.


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