Sense of sight: 2

IMG_1940 (1)


 The first sunset in an awfully long time that kept me gawking for longer than I can remember. It had every color almost perfectly positioned in the skyline. The color pallet was a 100% on point. Going effortlessly from the dark shades of pink and blue to the softer tones of orange, yellow and peach this skyline was staring at us in the face with its marvelous beauty. I didn’t know such beauty could exist in one skyline. The Haji Ali mosque in all its beauty sits dreamily as though in the heart of the sea and sky blackened in this image, the starkness in the midst of all the color. This I am proud to say is my point of view every single day. The colors during sunset change daily, the mannerisms of the sky change daily but this image is eternally stuck in my mind. Staring outside my window I felt infinite. It seemed like the sky, the clouds, the mosque and the sea all had their own story to tell but for this one moment, in this imprisonment, they came together. As one scenery they lay still. They were unmoved, unaffected and unaware of what their beauty had done to us for those few minutes.


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