Sense of Sight : Assignment 1

The TimeKeeper

The object in the picture seems to be in its raw form. It could be an abstraction of a complicated process or a representation of an activity. There is a transparent cylinder filled with water, with a smaller cylinder of wood immersed in it. Double discs surround the cylinder and are supported by a square stand with rectangular base. The resonance of the basic shapes of each component adds to the simplicity and elegance of the product. The product itself reminds me of the traffic check posts and water pipe locks. Even though the associations of this object indicate a functional character, the object itself seems to be aesthetically appealing and meant as a gift item or show piece. The purpose of the wood piece inside the cylinder seems to be unclear. The water tube is closed with two plastic corks blocking the water from escaping. The screw on top of one of the plastic stoppers must be for directional sense or functional purposes. The blue background chosen for this image has a water texture feeling to it, which makes the product all the more appealing. The exposed natural quality of each wood also adds to the product persona making it desirable.

Salvador Dali Paintings 241

This is an image of a human with distorted parts and drawers in the torso. The face of the human is covered with his long hair making it impossible to identify the person. The arms and thighs are big and muscular where as the skin suggests old age. The drawers in the abdomen region have some hair like structures dangling out. The fingers of this creature seem strange and disturbing to an extent, like some disease. The person seems to be running away from something and seems to have fallen down due to fatigue.

The image may be protesting against the study of human body or anatomy. Therefore, during the process of opening all the doors of the human body, revealing its mysteries, the person is resisting it. Another interpretation of this image can be that the painting is reflecting upon the human body in the present times. It is full of secrets, which are locked away in drawers making the body miserable and ever restrained. The painting could also be a criticism to the modern world where humans have struggled to organize this world into what they perceive as a system.

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