Sense of Sight: Assignment 1 & 2

Assignment 1: Any other picture.

In this picture there is a girl standing and staring right at the view is smoking a cigarette. It is a black and white picture and the girl is placed in the center and seems to be the focus of the picture. There are other children in the background as well, but they have their backs turned. She is holding a cigarette in her hand rather flippantly and naturally. As if this is something she does everyday, a habit. However she is staring right at the camera and right into the viewers eyes. It’s not like she has been clicked without her knowledge, she know’s very well what’s going and and is standing there looking right at you. She is wearing a frock which makes us think she is quite young. Her tousled hair and searing expression make you think otherwise. She seems to be boring into your soul and as a viewer, instead of wondering why she as a child is smoking, you just seem to wonder why she is looking at you. Her sister turned around seems to be looking at the brother on the ladder, but that all seems secondary as it is quite blurred. The two girls in the center seem to be sisters, even though we see only one. It seems like the girl in the center is growing up, and is different from her siblings or the children in the background. She isn’t into playing and climbing trees anymore and that’s why isn’t looking back. The two children are facing the other way to signify how they aren’t like her, they are younger and like playing compared to smoking. This black and white image seems to be taken in a leafy forest with a grassy road that could be the backyard of the children’s house.

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Assignment 2: On an image of your own work.

This is an image which is completely filled with intricate symbols, motifs and patterns. The image is solely in black and white except for the maroon turtle at the left end of the page. This image is bordered with a certain geometric pattern and the inside is filled with floral motifs, lines, shapes and coloured potions. This image is a poster for the WWF, which can be indicated as their symbol is drawn on the top right corner. Also the word ‘SAVE’ in the middle is the only white space on this entire poster. Because of how full this image is there is no breathing space at all, each part of the page is occupied and completely drawn in. Because of the intricate details present in this poster it seems like it is made by using pens. It feels like it could be done on some kind of paper or even mount board. Either it’s made on ivory or cartridge paper. The poster seems to be made to create awareness about ‘Saving the Turtle’ as we know it’s a WWF poster.  But otherwise there is no distinction between the background and foreground at all, so both have equal importance. So without the panda associated with WWF, we wouldn’t know what’s being saved in the image as both are significant and the background that is supposed to support the turtle is overwhelming.

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