Sense of Sight


A mysterious bar, sharp and sleek, kind of makes you wonder if there’s more to it , even though it looks dull, its interesting enough to make you curious , that groove down the middle , why is it empty?, doesn’t matter, theres beauty in its chocolate coloured sheen, the sharp white highlights, the deep blacks, theres so much going on in this simple arrangement of straight lines. The ends are sealed by metal strips with a dull shine which disturb  the path of the lines on the bar, why are the ends sealed? There has to be something inside the groove, why would it be sealed if theres nothing inside?, does it really matter?  In the end its just a bar, a simple bar , it could be a piece of art or just a part of a machine, either way, you cant help but look at it and think about it, the simple detail of the precise crevice that goes straight down the middle adds character to the otherwise boring rectangular form. But in the end it’s a simple bar, that can be anything you want it to be.


The beginning of a battle is a moment of liberation. A battle between good and evil, human against demon. Steel against magic. Within all the chaos there are individual battles, the most prominent of which is the soldier is blue armor wielding a blunt blade facing off against a soul eating ghoul who uses magic. The scene so perfectly captures the range of emotions you feel just before you enter battle. Fear, anxiety, excitement, sadness, its a rush of adrenaline that can be achieved by no other means. Every warrior on the field has a certain aura about them that makes each and every one of them unique, force fields, swords, fire, electricity, ice, all these elements set the stage for an epic battle that will be talked about for centuries, These warriors are not ordered to fight , they fight because that’s their way of life, they’ve been brought up hardened by war. They find peace in battle,which is the mark of a warrior who does not fear death.


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