Sense of Sight: Assignment 1

Santorini, Greece


A deafening silence conquers the moonlit night. The starless sky is as deep as indigo blue, perhaps could be mistaken as the sea. The moon’s silvery sheen dissolves into the mysterious blue and it lingers while the clouds stretch out into the vast sky. The moon walks the night spreading an aura of charisma all over the town.

The dreary mountains melt into the horizon almost as if non existent. The pearl white buildings are scattered around resembling specks of weed in grass. The land houses the buildings like how a nest shelters birds.

The windows of the houses are glittering like a sky full of stars. The luminosity of the lights overshadows the brightness of the moon. The image captures a smudged illumination – there is a sense of tranquility in the flickering lights. The magic is alive in the heart of the town.

It is difficult to say whether this picture is a painting or a photograph; the colors merge like oil paints. One can get lost in this convoluted labyrinth where it is tricky to identify the start and the finish.

The town starts to fade to darkness and obscurity reins the land. The darkness tries to pierce this eccentric sight like an arrow aiming for the bulls-eye. Only the silhouettes of the surrounding are visible and in the image there is a blur, full of possibilities.

The XX Poster

The XX Poster

This image is of a poster of an event, perhaps a music concert, which took place on the 20th of October in 2014. The letter ‘X’ is monotonous and is repeated across the poster in a symmetrical pattern. The placement of the letter X is interesting – it starts off big and bold, consisting of many smaller versions in the colors black and white. Only three words of text are written in the entire poster – “The XX” which seems to be the name of the artist, “Vienna”, which probably is the place the event took place at and “20.10.2014” which is the date on which it happened. The font used in the poster is a sans serif typeface that resembles Bebas Neue. The shimmering gold is used in two spaces in place of white, which breaks the pattern of the alternate black and white. One of the spaces done in gold has a rough texture and the second right after it has swirls. The textures seem to be created using acrylic paints because of the thick application of the paint and brushes and/or knives. The textures have a variation of gold and an antique finish reminiscent of the gold Klimt uses in his paintings. The gold textures could have possibly been done intentionally to mimic his unique style of painting.


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  1. aparnaandhare · February 15, 2015

    Hi Aditi, Thanks for putting up your post! I like the choice of images, both very different from each other. Now, the first one you have explored in detail, both for it’s technique and the emotions it evokes. Could you, perhaps also deconstruct the ‘meanings’ of the second poster. I see your communication design learnings reflect in your analysis of typeface and the making of the image. I’d like you to have explored the poster for it’s message and the statement it makes, reactions it evokes!


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