Assignment 1 : Sense of Sight

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.47.35 AM

The Rising

The two figures, rise from the ground in a rhythmic, synchronized manner. The fluidity of the form is clearly contrasting the rough texture and strokes of the charcoal. The sprinkled dust adds a sense of gentleness to the image as a whole.

The two ghost like figures appear to be evaporating upwards. The image shows a lot of movement through its strokes. The interesting aspect is the combination of gentle, fluid, firm and rough strokes, rigid but appearing to be flexible. The elongated muscular legs give these figures a definite form, adding to the sense of motion in the image itself. The ground although appearing gentle, consists of specs resembling debris.

The image that was originally a part of a tree, made in charcoal. This was a part of a wall mural. The medium was used in different ways that resulted in different finishes expressing different factors in the drawing.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.03.40 PM

The Illusion

 This tunnel creates an illusion using its concentric circles and the play of light and shade of moving through it. It appears to me as an eye, reaching out deep connecting various nerves till the back of the brain. The concentric circles help us visualize the eye and the eyeball. The tracks, split in two is an indirect characteristic contributing to the eye like quality of this image.

The image, originally tracks lined in a tunnel, with its length and depth tend to create this perception.

The colors and light quality used add to the delicate and gentle feeling of the image as well. The rough texture on one hand is easily shadowed by the smooth surface on the other as well as the parallel lines running through.

There is also a sense of infiniteness in this image where the tunnel seems to have no end, also implying that our vision can be endless.


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