There is calm elegance, a fragile, unreal, and above all else a beauty that seems to bring these statues to life. The Chola Bronze statue that I have chosen is part of the MET museum collection.

This affectionate sculpture in all its hardness still depicts so much compassion and love of maternal fondness. It shows Krishna as a child who is being nursed by his adoptive mother Yashodha. Krishna the lord who was born a god was kept hidden in his infant years from the evil king and yashodha was entrusted with this beautiful being. Even though its just a sculpture what is interesting to me is the posture with which the two characters are articulated. The mother with all her firmness is holding on to and feeding her child and the child in all his innocence is being nursed.

But according to me what the sculpture doesn’t suggest to us on immediate glance is who actually is in the sculpture. Would I be able to comprehend who was depicted in the chola bronze without the written aid? Probably not. This is because of various factors, which has nothing to do with the choice of characters. The medium being a constant prevents the use of color, which would often help indicate a god from a common man. While the subtle intricacy is on point there seems to be a failure of the real indication of any sort of detail to prove the identity of the two. The fullness of the breasts however emphasize on the maternal nurturing.

By means of the facial expressions, the gestures and the overall body posture and once put into context we can imagine the surroundings and the religious context of that time. However for me there seems to be a little missing element of complete indication of the characters in the sculpture but the mysterious also works for me.

DT7387 (1)


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