Chola Bronze Sculpture


The above sculpture is Chola Bronze Statue of Parvati cast amongst one of the most prominent periods, the Chola period.

In this particular sculpture, Parvati is seen wearing a conical shaped crown – one that I directly associated with Traditional Chinese royal wear. Her jewelry both in her ears and neck accentuate her rather defined curves making the statue almost seem sensually inviting. Her hips tilt towards her left with her delicate hand gently resting on it making her seem both graceful and yet voluptuous at the same time. The appearance and repetition of circles in the sculpture whether its the conical crown, the earrings, the necklace, her breast or navel, the lines on her dhoti and even her body structure as a whole seem to add to the subtly lewd nature of the sculpture. Her right hand gesture too seems suggestive of some sort of invitation, as if she were waiting for someone with something in her hand as a greeting. The dark metal used makes her seem more exotic and alluring. However while this sculpture leaves you with a sense of temptation with a hint of poise and royalty, her expressionless face brings out a feeling of mystery and suspicion – as if there were another story within the external sensuality of her figure.


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