Sense of Sight

Assignment 1 :

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.58.42 pm

This is one of the most interesting images. It shows repetitive and duality in a very perspective manner.The second pair looks like a reflection of the first. The way its kept in a very formal manner on a white surface also gives it a very restrictive feel . It generates a very formal and office environment which is almost mechanical in nature .The feeling that everybody is the same and in the race to earn money have lost all the sense of individuality .Even the use of spectacles has transformed over the years making one look serious and firm. It makes one look more mature and strong. The picture is black and white and lacks any other touch of color except a little reflection on glass. Even the negative space between the two and alignment of both is too precise and formal. The light on the see through glass surface is not only highlighting the material but also it is creating a blandness in the background.

assignment 2 :

fauxreel_joe_1000Street art is I think one of the most undermined and underestimated form of art . Dan Bergeron, a.k.a. Fauxreel, creates stunning photo-based street art that also explores really interesting themes – from homelessness & community to the intersection of art & advertising.

In this image we see alot of repressed feelings. People have inscribed furiously on the wall and there is no clear word or graphic you can easily make out except for the face. There is also a lot of repressed and anger emitted out from the face. Face is almost a graffiti done with black and white on a highly colorful wall .This wall can also represent loneliness and homelessness in some way. Alot needs to be told but there is no one to listen . Even for the face there is hardly any outline done to give it a form .The stare is sharp and piercing. It is also alot of confusion at the same time. It also seems like the words are flowing from the face and it represents whatever has been written on the wall. The graphic is powerful and engaging. One will always try to read what has been written on the wall and shall read bits and pieces . One of the most interesting part is also the door. It gives depth and a sense of perspective even to a otherwise flat image.


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