Sense of Sight:The Sacred and The Visual

Nataraja Chola BronzeThis stunning idol is a bronze figure that has been beautifully crafted during the Chola Period ,around AD 1100 by skilled craftsmen.

It depicts Lord Shiva standing on top a creature and dancing on it,his hair feels as though it has just been set loose and it is untamed.They seem wild and uncontrollable much like the nature of the subject.

The face of the subject feels stoic and serious, it adds to the strong posture that is of the Nataraja.The ring around, is enflamed and pulls focus to whats inside it,the dancers pose that is mad by Lord Shiva, his posture is fearsome and the body is intimidating because of its strong sense around it.

The body of Lord Shiva has been made in a shapely manner with it being pulled in at the small waist,broad shoulders,strong arms but yet shapely and soft,the legs were a little bulk at the thighs but it becomes svelte at the calf.

The level of detail put into these type of sculptures is tremendous as one notices the minute portions of the sculpture only after taking notice of it like the drum in his hand and the intricate parts that are in his hair with fine lines, his crown itself has minute risen and flat surfaces which give it this grand feeling of royalty and power.

The pose is a strong one and yet the hand gestures are shown in a gentle and graceful manner with delicate hands and fingers almost much like a womans’, it contrasts the idea of how masculine and strong and intimidating the pose is, with some parts of it being soft and elegant.

“Bronze Chola Figure of Nataraja.” British Museum. Accessed February 10, 2015.

Details of Nataraja ps238476_l


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