Sense of Sound: Line of the Dead







I’m walking slowly towards the shining light, but everyone else is way ahead of me.

I need to speed up, catch up to the others.

I’m taking bigger strides now, at pace with some.

But I need to be more hasty, this is not enough.

I’m running now, ahead of everyone else.

The light is moving faster than me. I need to get it, achieve it, have it.

It’s racing me now, I’m getting at par with it.

I can almost touch it now! Just three steps more!

One, two……

Riya Ranka


The eerie thumping goes on and on, louder and louder,

Like the hands of death commemorating your impending faith. 

To a passerby it might sound ordinary, just a beat, 

but he knows too well the sound of defeat. 

Slowly metamorphosing into a jarring beep, 

That was almost making him weep, 

The melancholy ringing loud and clear,

Now it was near. 

Despite all odds, he harboured hope 

That this pace would stay on, 

 And give hims another chance to make it right,

Even if he just had mown the lawn. 

But you know what they say about hope, 

It’s a dirty word and even dirtier feeling.

A few incessant, quick beeps went past, 

that finished him at last. 

Jhanvi Lathia

Walking DEAD.

We walk a monotonous walk each day, with stress crawling and creeping into our bodies. She becomes a parasite, unwilling to leave. She feeds on us and grows on us. We stress about stress before there’s even stress-to-stress about. We all become these robots who succumb to this leech, this outright monster. In this corporate ruling life, we are all walking dead.

The continuous beeping of our lifeline rings in my ears each day. It’s a constant reminder that there is so much left to do and such a behemoth life yet to live. We are all so small and yet so insignificant in this behemoth world. Instead of letting this corporate life with its sidekick stress rule us, we should be out there experiencing life. We should be living not merely existing. Not robots. We aren’t an invention we are the real deal.

That constant beep is still in my ear. Sometimes its fast, sometimes its slow. But it is always loud, even when it is soft. I can’t just exist and walk on. I need to live. I need to live while it is still beeping. I need to live before the beep stops beeping. I need to live before I reach that flat line. It’s a scary road, this life that they call it. It’s alone and it’s eerie. There are footsteps walking along with me. Everyday I remind myself it isn’t over yet, there’s so much yet to come. I cannot be walking dead.

Ananya Thakkar

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