Sense of Sound: Raised to 3

With the use of repetition, we have created a narrative of the journey, through the entry point of the building to the lifts. The intermittently occurring voice over personalizes the track as to what india bulls means to us.

click link for soundtrack:

Personal Narratives


Our soundtrack is a compilation of what India Bulls is for us. It is essentially the journey from the time we get out of the car to the Id scan in the lobby. However the constant repetition of the whistle is metaphorical to the discipline and routine associate the building with. The background murmur is of a teacher instructing us to discover a sound for ourself, this ironic approach adds a personal element to the direct connection we make with India bulls to ISDI.


The loud, overlapping sounds project a noisy and busy environment. The feeling of always being in a hurry is another aspect projected through the soundtrack. There are two distinct sounds that are repetitive, which forms a hierarchy of sounds in the soundtrack itself. Overall, the soundtrack gives the feeling that the actions of the sounds are all taken in one place.


The repetitive sound of the whistle overpowers the entire track forming kind of a rhythm. The continuous whistle induces a fast pacing beat. With the addition of the female voice to the whistles it sounds as though a regime is being put into place. Along with these, there is a clanking sound that adds a calming more repetitive effect. What ties the entire track together is the end, because of it’s uniqueness and difference with relation to the other sounds, making it an appealing conclusion.

CD cover ideation

cd cover idea 1


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