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This track sounds like a bridge between EDM and the sounds of arcade games. The start of the song sounds like any EDM song however the monotony that the beeps create eventually make it sound like an arcade gaming centre. Overall, this track gives a feeling of a large public area due to the variety of sounds that play simultaneously. I could imagine this set up in a large arcade gaming centre, something almost on the lines of a casino. The background noise plays a very important role and establishes the size of the place. This is probably because of the variety of sounds we hear in the background and the manner in which they reverberate. The fast pace of the song also reflects the fast moving crowd in any arcade gaming centre.

-Janamejay Poddar

The soundtrack is a mix of emotions you feel while playing a game, the sounds give you the rush of quick finger movements , the lightning fast reactions, the brief moments of hesitation and the heavy thumping of your heart with every move you make. It starts with the birth of the game, the drowning out of the background noises , and the time spent till you reach the  ‘battle ground’. The voices of your teammates, and efforts of coordination. The moment when you feel everything is in your control, to when you’re completely lost. The urge to win knowing that every second counts. the repetition like life and death in a game and the wait till you re-spawn, leading to the never ending addiction of wanting to relive the experience again.

-Aaron Joseph.

One comment

  1. khyatidoshi1995 · February 18, 2015

    It’s techno, a blend of what already exists and what you have created and made of it, a repeated contradiction in the verbal play of ‘walk’ and ‘go’. This truly brings out a sense of the complex which is completely driven by structure and this becomes a routine. There is a repulsive sense that the building and complex carries that all notice, but none express and in some ways this piece of music does justice to that expression.


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