Sense of sound: Journey of Monotony.

CD cover sketch:

cd copy1

Write ups:


2 friends were walking in this world. Unaware that their presence was fatal there.Wheel of fortune was going to turn and their fate was going to be decided.Unaware they kept on moving forward without turning back.The place is crowded . Line of the coffee shop is extended on the road.Newspaper stand in full but their footsteps can be recognised.They are evident and loud .Their free footsteps are being look down upon but they don’t care . Who knew that they would be one of them sooner or later . Who knew their freedom was going to be taken away by themselves.Who knew their carefree nature was going to get converted by this word called “society “. They kept on chattering , in their make believe world . Buses try to hinder their walk , all kind of technology try to stop them but those unaware , naive creature just move on.That day is history now because now they are one of them . Only the street remembers it and those two now standing in the coffee shop waiting for their coffee.


The track is an audio representation of a journey. The footsteps in spite of not going on continuously create a loop for the track to give you a feeling of a very monotonous lifestyle. The audio gives you a sense of journey that shows a transition from the outside to inside. It starts with sounds of a car, the train and other sounds giving you a sense of the outdoor, which then almost creates like a vacuum when it goes inside. The people talking somewhere in the background adds on to your experience of the journey. The audio ends with a sound of a coffee machine, which almost gives you a feeling of the day starting but also an end to a journey.


The soundtrack sounds like a journey from a noisy place into a more mechanical sounding place. In the starting of the track we can hear buses, cars, the train and people talking in the background and suddenly those sounds stop and you can hear the beeping and the sound of something metallic. Then there is a annoying noisy beeping sound after which is the chatty lift ride. Then it’s the sound of someone entering the work place and walking to the coffee machine. The sound ends at the coffee machine because the journey is now over. One constant sound in the whole journey is the sound of walking/ footsteps, which suggests that the journey from the outside to the office was done walking. The soundtrack also indicates how monotonous and uninteresting the journey is.



[Aayushi, Sahiti, Vaibhavi, Sharanya]

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