Sense of Sight

Assignment 2

This image shows a few bike riders out in broad daylight! There’s an amazing shine on their leather jackets and all of them are wearing one! It’s an amazing candid shot! The funny thing about the image here is the guy holding a glass with a straw which is probably a cold drink whereas you would usually relate a beer or something to them!

All the colours in the image perfectly stand up like the red of the bandana to the blue of the denims, and obviously the prominent black. It’s amazing how these four guys in are the focus of the picture and the rest, backgrounds all blurred out and you can still get a gist of what’s happening there. The words from on the jacket are also quiet visible, and most of them speak about the cult they belong too, and the common one is Harley-Davidson!  This also reminds of “Three wise Men”.

Also all the guys are looking away in different directions but walking together, so connect this to the fact that they might come from different places with different mind sets, but have one thing common is the love for Riding!

One comment

  1. Ahilya Rajani · February 22, 2015

    I like how you relate situations together in this post and how there are certain characteristics of bikers and how we all have the tendency to remember things and then relate them to things we see after.
    The fact that they all look like they come for different reason they still belong in the same image as they all come together for the same cause.


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