Sense of Sound: Id hai ki nahi?

The most common everyday experience on the way to indiabulls is the unavoidable  thorough checkup of you id.This experience seemed the most prominent and the important one,which every one goes through,hence it seemed right to me to focus on the id checking experience.As a matter of fact , my day at the indiabulls begins with words like,”ID hai mere paas”.

The beginning of the music is the normal way of checking the id,followed by the sound of the bags clinging the security scanner machine,then a slight loop by the woman security guard asking for your id.


  1. Ahilya Rajani · February 22, 2015

    i think this entire sound has a kind of rhythm to it and i understand the need for repetition as you have taken the” ID Situation” as your theme but I feel that it need more depth and more exploration in the same context.


  2. niharikamukhi · February 22, 2015

    I think the sound of the whistle has a powerful impact on the composition as a whole. There a many distinct sounds to focus on throughout the composition, maybe focusing on one of them to create your central theme could be effective.


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