Assignment 2 : Sense of Sound

imgresBackground Music of the Movie Godfather

Director   : Francis Ford Coppola
Producer : Albert S. Ruddy
Screenplay :  Mario Puzo, Francis Ford Coppola
Based on the book The Godfather by Mario Puzo
Music by Nino Rota
Cinematographer :  Gordon Willis
Editor     : William Reynolds,Peter Zinner

This movie has one of the best background score .The stills , The heightened tension and anxiety created by this trilogy is amazing.The first movie of the trilogy when the credits are rolling in it is a slow, foreboding melody played on a trumpet that only lasts for a few moments, but sets the tone for the film – dark, serious. the first scene of marriage where the godfather played by Marlon Brando is planning a murder inside .The opening scene has this contradiction which is also highlighted by the music.Just before he is going to talk all the music is eliminated which I think establishes his character as some in position and is respected.There is wedding procession you can hear throughout which is governing the silence inside. Everything done inside has a highlighted sound like the purring of the cat,chair and table moving , his assistant whispering in his ear etc.Its almost is a hierarchy which also brings the formal character of the situation.Now and then the godfather speaks of the wedding which can be heard in background.

The part when the horse’s head is found dead on the bed is also a climax scene . The whole scene and mood is created buy the background music.At this point, the solo trumpet is giving away slyly that something mysterious is going to happen. Then as the head is revealed there are clashes of music notes and then  the background goes silent immediately and the only thing you hear is crickets and screams.There are places where noises are also used in a very effective way one such being the place when Vito visits Virgil when there is typing sound in the background which stops when they starts talking .This gives weightage more to the  people conversing onscreen .

I also love the end scenes which includes the baptism and the end.The whole scene shows the transformation of Michel into a Don in a smooth and effective manner.There is sermons going in the background and the heads of 5 families are getting killed .It is one of the most exciting scene of the movie  and the music has just accerlated the experience .Italian composer Nino Rota created the underscore for the film, including the main theme , the sadness and nostalgia of the movie’s main theme, I realised what the music was telling us: Things would have turned out better if we had only listened to the Godfather.

600full-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly-posterThe good the bad the ugly
Director : Sergio Leone
Producer : Alberto Grimaldi
Screenplay : Age & Scarpelli , Luciano Vincenzoni, Sergio Leone
English Version: Mickey Knox
Story : Luciano Vincenzoni,Sergio Leone
Music : Ennio Morricone
Cinematographer :  Tonino Delli Colli
Editor : Eugenio Alabiso, Nino Baragli

This one of the most raw movies which show the cowboys.They are slow paced and deliberate in their movement.They wear these hats and carry guns.There is not really a complicated storyline involved.Its just fun and games and to see those two cowboys slowly come closer and fight.The vast desert scenes or landscape scenes have come alive in this movie. This I think is done very smartly with the music .Those zoomed out shots are silent.There is an accelerated sounds of action and movement.Each one has been recognised differently and highlighted to emphasise I think the forcefulness of the character and their deliberate movement.The scene when two of them are about to battle is so long.The gun shots are are also so highlighted.

Ofcourse when we talk about this film the iconic theme song cannot go unnoticed and unmentioned . Even the theme music has so much drama and entertainment .It shows suspense and mystic and is slow . There is repetition but done differently every time. Every piece in the film I think has a metallic feel to it .Even the background theme . The theme is so catchy that everybody know about and has heard it somewhere .You automatically make associations when you listen it .The scenes wen they are walking to general clattering everything has this metallic touch to it. In this movie there is this building of intensity with relation to drama and the beauty of this vast landscape to cover . This movie is characterised by bells ringing, people whispering , and very smooth music which goes well with the drama and pictures onscreen.

Also alot of time one does not realise the source of noise where it is coming from but it builds slowly one such incident being the tapping of the horses in the movie. The tapping is present there all the time but it is built slowly and then louder as it goes . There are alot of instances where we know of what is happening through the close up on the faces and their reaction one such instance being the time when they are about to fight and they talk , there is the the theme music playing and one knows the depth of the words being spoken only by the reaction .

hqdefaultThe Alarm ( Short Animation movie )

Director : Jang Moo Hyun
Modelling : Choo Jung Woo, Jang Moo Hyun
Animation : Choo Jung Woo, Jang Moo Hyun
Surface/Lighting : Jang Moo Hyun
Editor : Jang Moo Hyun
Story/Art/Design : Jang Moo Hyun,Choo Jung Woo
Sound Producer : Yang Jung Won

Animated movies have always been underestimated.But according to me they are wonderfully crafted and make more sense than any other movie . They try to tell you more with graphics .This one such film which is amazing when it comes to background score.I am sure many people can relate to this short film . Created by Mesai, and independent animation team in Korea with director Moo-hyun Jang,this movie represents the fight each individual have with alarm clock. What is great about the sound is that it s playful and engaging .It starts with a view of music system with 6:59 as timing which changes with a click and the CD starts to play .Here nobody actually know what is going on they just know the source of noise without actually knowing its intension .

 There is deliberate sound of frustration clicks and snaps .Even the sound of cloth rubbing on his skin is highlighted which give it a very textural quality and also helps you relate with the deliberate movement of the character.Whats interesting is first we are introduced with sounds individually like the CD player, phone alarm and the alarm clock .But then when all of them ring together it gets louder and louder which gives it this anxiety build which then ends with his swift movement which takes precedence over these. Also the constant ‘tik tok’ of the clock is one of the noise that we hear everyday but do not really pay attention to it.This sound has been brought into focus and how by the end of it , it stays with you. I think also the little little quirks built are amazing and interesting .I think also silence in terms of do not disturb is used very profoundly.

Based on the essay The Sound of music : From Ghumott and Violin to Trance
– Francisco C. Colaco

Goa as we know was one of the biggest hippie centres of the world. World war 2 created a lot of chaos and tension in the world and only people to get affected were the civilians . Goa till date is one of the most famous centres when it comes to hippies and their lifestyle. Any instrument I think is prepared with a lot of precision and handwork. Appropriate sound and,rhythm and tempo makes the instrument special and this require a highly skilled workmanship. Ever worker goes through a lot of training to actually produce such high quality of instrument which not a one day job. Ghumott as stated in the essay is one such instrument.People in goa take a lot of pride while making and playing the instrument which is created with a lot of effort and is one of the traditional instrument of the place.Its interesting to see how western invasion affects not only the people but also the tradition and music of any particular place. One starts to recognise it and take inspiration from it .Parish schools helped people in goa to learn and find new genres of music except for indian classical . They even learnt to play other instruments .Rhythm as we think is not an easy concept to understand it has its own intervals and beats . If it is not done properly then the sound does not sound right to the ears. One of the best things that parish schools did was to broaden the horizons of goan folk music and traditional music. People got curious and wanted to know more about it, they learnt it and taught it .

It is also interesting to see that most of the biggest inventions happened during war time .War time was also a revolutionary period in terms of music .War time also helped different people and allied forces to come together and exchange their traditions and music knowledge .Jazz and Goan music of then also took an interesting turn .one influenced the other in a completely different way.By the end of it Goan became completely armed with musical knowledge of many types with an added advantage of knowing to play many instruments each with different tone and tempo.With they acquired knowledge they gave an interesting turn to music in Indian cinema .Violin,saxophone and other instruments were changing the Indian music in cinema was composed. It gave a little twist of Westernisation.

Trance as we know was originated in Goa by the hippies .Counter culture is a very interesting topic because it is generally a kind of revolt against an existing one.It clashes with the one that exists and have a cold war. Hippies never really got the point of wars and decided they dont have to take part forming an uncaring attitude towards it.They took drugs which help them reach a psychedelic state of mind which was tension free, uncaring and calmer.The music mirrored this effect of drugs and hence Trance was made.It matched the rhythm of ones feeling and what one was experiencing under the influence of it.In a psychological state like this ones attire also changed . Neon colours made  trippy mind manifestations which also in that particular state like and accepted.Trance is this slow build of music which then fades out slowly just as the drugs work.

NH7 Bacardi Weekender 2014


The music festival was held in Pune which started on November 21 Friday to 26th Sunday .The place was huge had 5 stages namely Bacardi Arena, The Dewarists, MTS Discover, Micromax Mega Mix, and Red Bull Tour Bus. The concert stated at 3:30 and ended by 10 . People from all over the world had come to enjoy the concert and thorough checking was done before entering. Since it was Bacardi sponsored only 21 up was allowed alcohol provided if they had a pass for it.

I loved the atmosphere of the whole concert . Different music was playing in different arenas and one can listen to the that is most preferred by them . People are sitting and enjoying it without any concerns or hurry . Just pure music and passion . People were there without any concern as to where will they are going to spend the night , they just came and were actually living on the road or spending their nights scurrying on the streets. It was amazing to see people from world from all over the world meet at this one place at one point. The world got shrunk.

The Dewarists was more dedicated towards playing Indian classical and bollywood music while the Bus was more towards new talents and small bands. There was Dj wars and a lot of metal playing in Bacardi Arena.I also saw two mosh pits which is actually formed by people to portray their love and loyalty towards their band. I found the bus very interesting platform mainly because I could link it with magic bus instantly . The nights were the best asIt was chilled and the only thing that you could hear was music . Just close your eyes and enjoy the rhythm, tone, beat. I also found interesting was Indie rock which was something I never took keen interest it. The great thing about it was the slow build and beats. It went high and again suddenly drops and with your heart.Also I saw beat box band which was an upcoming band and was very good. Famous bands like Indian ocean, Motopony, Skyharbour performed. I

We are so use to living life under rules and lines that we forget what it would feel like to not have them for a particular time.You shout,stamp or do anything nobody cares. Nobody judges you on your attire or how you talk only for that particular moment you are free to do anything. In places like these music takes precedence over anything else and one understands the point of living in the moment . What was tough for me was snapping back out of it . loved and enjoyed most of it since it took to me a place which was different and outside than my own. 

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