Sense of Sound : Assignment 2

Goa- Change in Music Scene 

Hippie Life in Goaparty1

I have never been to the sunburn festival in Goa or any music festival held there but from what I’ve heard through many peoples stories,,it almost felt as if i was living vicariously through them as their experience never was captured so vividly in their minds.

The Goa Music scene has almost always been described to me as loud, youthful, fun and something that everyone must experience in a lifetime.It was a place where the hippies found solace with people similar to them and their activities of the free life and letting their minds lose with the help of hallucinogens.

The music started to change from artists and musicians to DJ’s and the EDM and trance world took over and Goa became a destination for everything to do with that kind of music and sound and people.It became like a world inside a tiny place.I have heard so many stories of people and their experiences at Goa and how they will never forget the moments they spent at the beach intoxicated and high.To me it feels like a getaway moment for most people, how they disconnect from the reality and connect to this magical world.

I once knew of a young man who told an audience at a seminar that the one thing he will never forget was his journey to Goa and the things he felt throughout the time he sat on the beach with his friends.

He spoke about the first time he was high on drugs and that while listening to the music at one place he did not realise when his friends were with him or no.

The only constant thing at that point to him was the trance music playing in the background and how his heart beat was hooked to it and the rhythm could be felt in his inner self.

I feel that the experience iIhad at a concert was at a total contrast to the one this man spoke of and it felt like I was on cloud 9 even though I was sober and didn’t feel the need to intoxicate myself to feel the music in my veins. The Sound did that all by itself.

My first concert was to see a local band called The Colour Compound who were playing for the After 8 Event at my Junior College ( Sophia College).Even though I had spent 2 years in the institute I had never been able to go for the band event and the excitement in me was overwhelming as I was finally getting to witness an actual band sing and perform in front of me. I was even more amped up because I was with my college friends and we had all come together for this one evening .

As soon as we entered the hall it was pitch dark and all that i could see were faint old spotlights that were atleast 20 years old and the smell of vintage seats  made me reminisce about the best years of my life. This place which was going to be flooded with sound had a personal connection to me as the first time I ever stepped onto a stage was the same one

The silence was almost deafening first and the excitement was getting to us,we couldn’t not wait any longer or else we would explode.The moment we heard the first guitar strum we could almost taste the magic in the air, everyone around us started screaming and howling as if there was no tomorrow.For most of us we couldn’t see a tomorrow beyond this one night.

The band finally came out with a bang, the tall,dark man on the left had the light above him and he kept strumming the guitar in his hand and our ears never left him,until the singer opened our souls with his harmonious voice. I had never heard this band before but at the same time this raw feeling of something so brand new leaves you in a happy state/

The band played all the songs from their debut album and some were upbeat like “Time After Time” and some mellow ones,which had me and my friends swaying like groupies. This was my first time at a concert and the light and sound uplifted me and I felt lost in the music and not the crowd which was something I felt a lot of.

The harmonies of these 4 and the guitar and drums matching the beat of my heart was enough to enjoy the moment and be lost in it. At this point it didn’t matter that my friends and I had extremely polar opposite tastes in music the sheer dancing and sound is what united us and the differences were erased.

10400769_881798985182978_6983312679511019950_n 1621724_10205123646475063_2285275022359702106_n

Most young people now love to go for EDM or Trance concerts and I usually am the one to go for rock music or Alt.Rock, because I  feel that they have substance and real sound which one can relate to and feel one with.Somehow I haven’t found a song in the EDM Genre that makes my heart beat faster and slower at the same time,the day i find that, thats when I will actually learn to appreciate  EDM Music.

It felt euphoric to meet the magic makers backstage and that memory is ingrained in my mind and I would not have wanted to be inebriated that night nor would I have wanted to be in an alternate state of mind that is usually associated with these Trance and EDM Scenes.

I dont understand the association of alcohol and getting high during a concert,because for me I would want to be sober and actually remember how I felt that night and how the sounds elevated me. It feels like people go to these concert only to get drunk and get high but they are forgetting the reason they are there,they should drown themselves in the music instead of an alcohol bottle.


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