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Music is an expression of emotion, it is a language understood by everyone. In 1912 Ferrucio Busoni a music composer from germany wrote a book about a new aesthetic of music, this is what he says about music, ‘Music was born free; and to win freedom is its destiny. It will become the most complete of all reflexes of Nature by reason of its untrammeled immateriality. Even the poetic word ranks lower in point of incorporealness. It can gather together and disperse, can be motionless repose or wildest tempestuosity; it has the extremest heights perceptible to man—what other art has these?’. This greatly influenced music producers and encouraged them to use different methods to make music, one of the earliest forms of a synthesizer was the theremin which really caught the interest of composers but it was the invention of the midi that really led to the increase of the popularity of electronic music, the moog synthesizer invented in 1964 merged a keyboard and synthesizer, this opened a world of possibilities. Early electronic music was greatly influenced by jazz and blues, chicago was was the major center of music in the united states, house music was termed as underground, experimental music, which followed a 4/4 beat and had a higher bpm than other forms of music and was generally played in clubs, it was widely known as chicago house. This led to the creation of various electronic music genres like soul, trance, house, techno, disco . A classic example of detroit house is  Leroy Burgess song, called mainline. As there weren’t any limitations on electronic music, artists developed a different aesthetic over time which formed into various genres of electronic music. The hippie movement in the 70s really mirrored the idea of electronic music that was  freedom. psy trance is a culmination of arpeggiated lead and bass, along with heavy use of snares and hi hats, and generally plays over 130 bpm.

When i first started listening to western music i started off by listening to rock, grunge, pop. Artists like sum 41, red hot chili peppers and so on, until i stumbled upon the song levels by avicci and i was amazed by this kind of music and i wanted to listen to more of it, slowly my interest in rock music started to fade as i explored the world of modern house music, i came across different styles within house music i started feeling that all of this was too repetitive and i needed something different, not something so monotonous, then i came across deadmau5 the only artist who truly experimented with different kinds of sounds and variations, he does not make house music or trance, his music fits a larger genre called electronic music, todays mainstream artists have forgotten that electronic music is about being open to new possibilities. Nowadays modular synths are being used to create realistic sounds trying to mimic sounds of string instruments and drums has also become very popular, this can be seen through daft punks new album. In my opinion anjunabeats and anjunadeep are record labels that are producing original music and have different styles of trance and deep house within the record labels themselves. These record labels were started by Above and Beyond, who are trance music legends and were inspired by goa trance and decided to name their record label after anjuna beach in goa.

No matter how monotonous or uninteresting the music is, you will enjoy an electronic music concert of any sort, 2 years ago i loved mainstream EDM and i was reallly excited about sunburn mumbai, im sure i wont be too excited about it now. Even the experience of walking to the venue, hearing a song from a distance really gets you prepped for the concert, And its just an enjoyable experience, waiting for the build up and going berzerk when the beat drops, but after a while it just gets plain boring, because its the same pattern with a different melody, its not complicated enough to hold your interest and make you think about the various sounds, its a collection of heavy drops, a concert is not just about the music, its about the crowd the lights the alcohol, its like a huge party where you just need a simple beat to dance to.

In todays times where everyone is obsessed with big room drops, there are artists who actually are talented and are maxing out every software, every synth, and trying to do something innovative, deviating from the 4/4 beat pattern, incorporating classical instruments from around the world, collaborating with classical music artists and creating pieces of music that are truly unique.

If interested, electronic music in the 90s,


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