Electronic Music

Electronic music

Music is a form of communication almost everyone enjoys. There have been various genres of music and each of them portray similar messages in different ways. Right now, I feel music is mixed up everywhere because of electronic music. Almost every song you hear now days has some elements from one of the common genres such as rock, pop or hip hop, mixed up with some electronic music and dubstep. Personally, I’m not a fan of this electronic music, I feel it’s quite distracting and doesn’t really mark it’s statement clearly.

I say so because, in the past, music genres such as rock, pop and hip hop have used their art form to communicate certain messages to the community, they’ve used their art forms to express their beliefs, (right or wrong, doesn’t matter, at least they had something to say). You have punk rock bands such as Green Day, who have something to say, who openly protest against the materialistic way of life and the political scenario in their country. Then there are older rock bands which again protest against certain ways in which their country was run, they argued against the hypocrisy and the corruption. There there were other groups expressing their emotions of love and passion, but when you listen to the recent electronic music, you don’t really have much of a feel to it.

I’ve been to two different electronic music concerts, one was sunburn Bombay, and one was Tiesto. Both of them were of the same electronic genre, but the experience at for both was different. Sunburn Bombay literally felt worse than the experience in a packed local train at peak hours. There were people all around, dancing, screaming, behaving as disruptive as possible. Men trying to touch women while they were dancing, kids who barely looked fifteen smoking marijuana. Everyone drunk everywhere, pointlessly loafing around the place. It felt as if the concert was not even meant for the music, but was meant for men to come, get drunk, have some drugs and touch some women and leave and carry on with their lives. I don’t remember which artist played there, neither do I remember a single song I heard, that’s how pointless I felt the music was.

This is what I don’t like about modern electronic music, it doesn’t really mean much, almost every song sounds the same, and the fact that they are all overplayed so much for every occasion makes them even more painful to bear. Musically, most of the modern electronic music doesn’t really seem to have much beauty, it sounds like a compute being scratched and crying out in pain. It doesn’t have that calm mellowness something like a tune from a string quintet or a violin would provide. Neither does it have the pump and the aggression a guitar would provide. It’s just something new immature children listen to when they come are roaming around downstairs on the streets in their cars . Most of it sounds like gibberish computers being scratched and wailing in pain. This electronic music fashion has a lot more effects and problems related to it according to me. If it were just music, it would be fine, but the fact that, this being such bad music and having no message whatsoever to give to the audience is influencing them heavily. Drugs such as marijuana casually being consumed while getting downstairs in the evening when the child’s mother thinks he’s going to play some cricket with his friends is highly unacceptable. You can’t solely blame the music for the consumption of the drugs, but you can definitely blame it’s fame for the influence of the wrong habits.

On one hand there’s this gibberish electronic music played at concerts such at sunburn, on the other hand, there are a few genuine artists who actually explore this genre to make true music. I don’t really have a very great knowledge about these artists as I’m not very inclined towards this genre, but, I have listened to some of them such as Tiesto, a little bit of Romanian trance music and a few other artists. I even went for a Tiesto concert in Mumbai. Now the experience at this concert was absolutely different compared to the experience at Sunburn. Here I felt that people were actually present for the music and for the love of the music. People seemed to be behaving in this manner of respect towards the music, everyone was dancing to it, but the body language and the code of conduct was absolutely different as compared to what it was at sunburn. There seemed to be less of chaos here, less of people pushing screaming and shouting, but more of people actually listening to the music and dancing to their own groove and enjoying the music.

There are also certain groups present currently who fuse electronic with their genre, some succeed, some fail miserably. An example of a band that succeeds really well is Thirty to Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park. Both these bands are ideally defined as rock bands, but both have fused several of their songs with electronic music. The point is that, though these songs have been fused with electronic music, they still have a something to say, they don’t just go on in constant gibberish like plenty of the EDM dJs. This makes me wonder, is it EDM that’s bad or is it the artists who are bad at their work?

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