Sound and Film

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Sound and Cinema go hand in hand and when one is used to hearing a certain something while images are moving, it is hard to get rid of that and not feel the same.

For most of us we have lived in a world where a film always carries sounds with it and thats what brings the motion picture to life. Sounds convey a lot of things to us, music, dialogues, emotions.
A wailing and heartbroken woman is know for her banshee like scream when her lover leaves her or dies or something equally tragic,the happiness felt by someone when their dreams come true or their hearts desire is fulfilled.
Without Sound the world we know wouldn’t ever be the same, so many little discreet sounds create the soundtrack of our lives and without us knowing it the entire story has already been written.
Sometimes I wonder how people watches silent films but then again they had their own charm to it and the absence of sound made you focus more on the film and the filming and other vital details regarding the film. Actors back then had real talent to express themselves, nowadays people are reliant solely on how good their dialogue and how their role is.
When silent movies were first shown (in the 1890s) they were the absolute cutting edge of technology, there was nothing to rival them,radio broadcasting hadn’t been developed then let alone television, photography was still in its infancy.Everything was still so brand new at that point and it was still growing and discoveries and innovations were being created or being imagined by brilliant individuals.
Sound Explaining Pictures not only the micro dramatics expressed in the microphysiognomy of the face can be made intelligible by the sound which causes it. Such a closeupplussound can have the inverse effect. The closeup of a listener’s face can explain the sound he hears. We might perhaps not have noticed the significance of some sound or noise if we had not seen its effect in the mirror of a human face. For instance we hear the screaming of a siren. Such a sound does not acquire a dramatic significance unless we can see from the expression on human faces that it is a danger signal, or a call to revolt. We may hear the sound of sobbing, but how deep its meaning is will become evident only from the expression of sympathy and understanding appearing on some human face. I think that the film Gladiator is one such film is it’s music almost brought me to tears and it moved me, the background score is by Hans Zimmerman.The song that plays at the end of the film has deep thought behind it as it is surrounded by the death of the main character and how when the camera focus’s on his face and his life through the film it feels like he can finally go home and is no longer trapped as a prisoner or in this body,he can finally return home to his loved ones in heaven.The song captures the journey as a peaceful one and the unity and loyalty shown amongst the guard towards Maximus is shown through the voices that rise within them.Now We are Free was an appropriate title for the song as he was then well and truly free.

Frozen, an animated film was a film that shows the need to break free and be yourself no matter what others might feel because at the end of the day its your happiness that counts.The Song that really struck a chord with me was Let it Go which had such power in the strong and it mimicked the mere emotions of the lead character in the most powerful way one knew of. The sound starts melodiously but turns into a powerhouse song that would soon be an anthem around the world.It showed the transition between a trapped queen to a free woman who lives and does as she pleases.The sound itself teaches you to embrace all sides of you and to never be ashamed of yourself.

The Piano Tuner is  a french short film directed by Mr.Oliver Theiner, this film is a brilliant take on how far people will go do certain things.

A young man decided to  act blind and get into peoples houses under the pretext of tuning their piano.He survives throughout the film with getting away with all the crimes but no one doubts him as they all believe that he is blind.

The sound of the Piano masks the sound of him committing a crime by glaring and staring at people while they reveal themselves to him.

At the end of the film, he makes yet another effort to visit a house but what he discovers is the one thing he didn’t expect.He enters the place and he falls over spilt blood of the man of that house, he gets startled but he cannot act as if he witnessed it,because that would bow his cover.

He starts playing but the woman finds his suit to be bloodied so asks him to change, and he sits there silently playing the piano while he wonders where the woman has gone.

After a while the woman returns with a gun and puts it against his neck and he realises this and says to himself”She will not kill me, till I’m playing” The constant Sound of the piano becomes his bane and solace at the same time as it is the sound he will die to.


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