Music is a sound we consciously create. It becomes a pattern that triggers something in each of us and makes us feel an emotion. I don’t have the most deep connect with music, or I didn’t rather. But now music has started having a larger impact upon me. There are certain songs that are my go to emotional support songs and there are those that I listen to that just make me happy. However I don’t enjoy every genre of music. I’m a safe listener, I don’t experiment. That’s also why probably this essay is harder for me to write than I can imagine.


When thinking of Goa and the music festivals that goes on there the first thing that comes to mind is psychedelic music. This type of music is heard in attempts to enhance the experiences of psychedelic drugs. In the 70’s and 80’s there was an emergence of the hippie ideology in Goa. People started consuming Marijuana and LSD as an alternative source of consciousness. Goan trance was immensely popular and the precursor to psychedelic music in goa. The goal of trance music was to make bodies move in completely different ways and experience a certain sense of euphoria.

The last music festival that I went to was Sunburn, Mumbai. There were DJ’s like Krewella playing but it was a concert that I thoroughly didn’t enjoy. I don’t know whether It has to do with the fact that I deeply despise trance music as a whole or whether we have outgrown concerts. I guess it has to do with various factors by and large. For me I miss the whole point of psychedelic music because I don’t do drugs or have never tried them before. Sometimes to me it feels like just loud sounds put together to pass off as music. Being drunk at a trance music concert could get me through it but what if that phase has passed too? What if I just cannot do EDM, the baby of trance.

The festival more than anything was extremely crowded which was the first and most putting off out of many things. This huge ground at Turf Club, Mahalaxmi was overworked with frenzied fans high on drugs and alcohol enjoying the concert like it was their first and last. They seemed to get the music and seemed to really enjoy it and get into it. While for me my high from alcohol seemed to have vanished within the first 30 minutes of the concert. I couldn’t do it. Looking at all the people brushing up against each other and push to go more ahead was sickening. I realized that you needed some sort of agent to help you enjoy these things and alcohol wasn’t worthy enough of one. I want to enjoy a concert high on some drug for experimentation one day but that one, I just did not enjoy. Towards the middle of the concert on reaching the bathroom my friend Jhanvi and I looked at each other expectantly and at the same time decided to make a run for it. We left the concert sneakily with bubbling laughter on the outside but I know both of us worried the same thing. Were we too old for this or have we finally realized that without an external agent we just couldn’t enjoy EDM.

A few years ago my friends and I travelled to Pune for a David Guetta Concert. We were excited out of our minds. The ambiance was completely different. It was a massive crowd but in a massive ground. The crowd didn’t match up to the place, which made a huge difference. It gave us breathing space. The entire day we eagerly awaited Guettas arrival. He is one of the best Dj’s in the world. I wasn’t even high at that concert. Not even on alcohol. When the main act arrived, I don’t know what it was, but from start to finish I didn’t stop dancing even for a minute. I enjoyed every moment of his concert. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that most of his songs had lyrics and lyrics are important to me and are what help me relate to a song. Without lyrics most songs are just noise to me. I clung to every word of David Guettas playlist. I scream my heart out and enjoyed like there was no tomorrow. I don’t know what that music did to me but without any external force I was completely euphoric. I went on tall boys backs, danced with my girls and all in all had a great time. There was even a surprise performance by AKON in the end. I think what made the concert enjoyable was the ambiance being not too crowded and heated. But mainly knowing most of the songs and the songs having words.

I don’t know whether I will ever enjoy an EDM Concert again. I think this proves the point that this type of psychedelic music relies heavily on having external catalysts speed up the process of reaching that state of euphoria that makes such music enjoyable and actually become music to the ears. I know one day I want to experience it but I know I’m not ready.

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