Sense of Sound: Music track+music video write-up.

Idea #1:

Our music piece made us feel really eerie and mysterious. Thus, for our music video we wanted to show the journey of a mysterious girl walking through the city. Since we have two beats in our music piece and have a duality to it, we are planning to show the fast footsteps as the rest of the world that surrounds this girl and the girl as the slow beats (walking in her own world). In an abstract way it’s like the whole world is dominating her and she’s walking alone in her own slow pace.


Need to build the character sketch of the mysterious girl and what makes her mysterious?

Need to define what is the world in which she is getting dominated? OR She could be in conflict with herself.

The piece of music has duality, need to look over it and think about it.

Think about how the video ends; is there a climax, start and an end? OR is it open ended.

Idea #2:

In the music video we tried to portray a girl going through domestic violence and how at the verge of ending her life she realises the joy of living. She realises that only person who controls her life is her and this realisation makes her a confident and self reliant person.We show her as not being afraid of the crowd and in the end taking control.


One comment

  1. imranious · March 6, 2015

    It took me a long while to make up my mind about this track and I have to say the more I listen to it the more it intrigues me. As a suggestion why not try and quicken the pace or add another layer to it by introducing another sound that will play into the background of this plot you are working on?


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