Sense of Sound: Music Video

The eternal question still lays ringing in all our minds. Are we really safe in the world we live in? I am a girl, I am a boy, I am a human. Each human irrespective of gender, caste, sex, status is left vulnerable when it comes to sexual assault. It’s a trauma, which leaves a person scarred in a massive manner forever. Our music video is somewhat a social statement against sexual assault. The video emphasizes on the fact that any individual can be dangerous and any individual can be in danger. We have shown no direct contact between the women who molests the man through her mere demeanor and mannerisms and the rest is left to imagination. Body language is key in this video to show how much discomfort a mere glare can put someone in. The condescending stare of the woman towards the man shows that she already has it all planned in her mind. She fears nothing and he fears it all. The rewind at the end of the video puts you in a state of confusion. Was the woman really there? What really happened? Does SHE exist? The eeriness of the music we created seemed to go well with this story and therefore we used this platform of a music video to send out a social message that we strongly believe in.

No matter how powerful, man or woman can be violated and made extremely vulnerable in a matter of sexual assault. This is something that should be left engraved in each individuals mind.

NO he didn’t want it.

YES someone should believe him.

I didn’t LET this happen to me.

YES I am a man.

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