Sense of Sound : Sound Track ( Talk on Time)

Music Video Description

Our Song has in it the monotony and madness of Indiabulls  and how we follow a certain rhythm that we tend to overlook.We feel a sense of repetition in what we do and what we say and so blinded by this robotic time table that we don’t give it another “listen”, needless to say ,The robotics have become a part of our wiring.
We are so trained to do so certain things at a specific time that our conversations have become the same on repeat.
We have tried to show the same pattern through the other people at  indiabulls. The conversation has dulled and has lost its meaning as people do things because they are told to not because they want to.
We will be depicting this monotony through a stop motion film in which there will be doodles drawn in a notebook to show the sound.We have chosen to use a stop motion to put emphasis on the idea of robotics in our soundtrack.
Group Members – Ahilya Rajani, Niharika Mukhi, Taniya Gaba, Vritika Lalwani

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