Sense of Sight – 2


This photograph manages to bring about a feeling of sympathy in the viewer but at the same time makes him feel very mysterious. Visually, there is little contrast in this photograph because of the sky being really dull and gloomy. The patches of smoke in the background play a very important role in this photograph. As mentioned earlier, they add to the feeling of mystery. This is because of not knowing the context of the photograph, as we do not get to know whether this is because of a tragedy or just another practice that the people follow. This also brings about a feeling of loneliness and hopelessness because of the fact that there are such few people over such a large area of land. This might not even be true, however because of the way the smoke and people have been shot, this is what the photograph suggests. Amidst all of this sympathy and dullness, the expression on the boy’s face projects a sense of strength or rather resistance. Overall, in terms of the only the colours in the photograph it does not showcase much contrast however, in terms of the emotions that the photograph projects it has a great amount of contrast.


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