Sense Of Sight; Assignment 1/2


Blocked Circuits

The image personifies a human who is suffering. Each of the suffering feels like an pin poking down right to its core. Each pin has added to the pain. However this also depicts that this human has not made a conscious attempt to fix himself or herself. There may have been a few feable attempts, which are seen in the picture as black holes. As the scars are not filled, it can be said that the damage is not fixed. The mask is broken at places. This can be seen as hurt or pain that was so deep it has broken the person down to pieces and now is irreversible as the broken pieces are not present in the picture. There are cracks seen in the mask too that look this person is slowly disintegrating, unable to bear with the pain. The pins have affected every sense of this person. The skin has gone numb, the eyes, nose and ears are pierced, the mouth is broken. The capacity to perceive, analyze and conclude has been taken away such has caused a further downward spiral. From the picture it looks nearly impossible for this person to get out of this tragic state and live a normal happy life. Every decision and judgement is clouded due to the lack of perception. Medical procedures may not be able to help this person as there are only a few holes that medicines can fill up. This care looks like one of complete blocked circuits.


Artistic Monotony

This image looks like it could be a picture of a religious place. It could either be a picture of a consevative church or a mosque. The intricate detailing on the roof, the shape of the arches and colourful glass painting may also make one believe that this place belongs to somewhere in Morocco, Turkey or even the Middle East. Solid colours have been used for the glass painting. The reflection of the glass painting on the floor resembles an oil spoil on the road during the monsoon. There is a stark contrast between the gray roof and the grey flooring and the brightly coloured windows. This contrast provides a nice balance to the image. There is monotony in the structure as the ceiling as well as the windows are all in the shape of pointed arches. The pillars have been kept quite simple with a limestone kind of texture. They could have had more detailing done on them. Similar monotony is seen in the design on the roof. The entire roof is coloured with rhombus shaped designs with detailing done in grey. The floor also reflects the same pattern of grey rhombuses. The wooden doors are a good change from the monotonous grey but the brown polish on the door does not math well with the rest of the colours present and stands out in an awkward way. The pillars in between the windows look stalky and the dark grey bottom adds to their unpleasant look even more.

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