Merged Space


Martian themed hotel.

Everyone gets tired of living their boring monotonous life and sometimes it just gets hard to handle. We often find ourselves in situations like this where all we need is a break or to move to an alternate universe, if you tend to be more extreme. Now we know that moving to an alternate universe is a bit of a long shot, so how about settle for a weekend on Mars?


A hotel inside a glass globe in the middle of nowhere created to make you feel like you’re on mars. A place covered with red sand and an excess gravitational pull mimicking the red planet. A self-sustaining resort that creates its own organic crops and where a space suit has to be worn at all times outside the living quarters. Of course it’s a place to “get away” and relax so it will have a fair share of modern facilities to make it comfortable, including the rover to take you from place to place in the resort.

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