Merged Spaces

Times Square and Riley’s mind from Inside Out


She found herself in the middle of it all.  Drums beat in the distance. The need to figure herself out wanders around with urgency. Emotions loom overhead.   Thoughts buzz with enjoyment.  Days race by skimming their fingertips.  They screech to a halt for potential passengers. The inside of her head is desperately trying to figure out what is going on.  The traffic light turns green.

Its go time. The zig zag left her perplexed.  She dodged in between the streets making her way across to the oasis of sidewalk. What place is this? Horns honk.  The pink train stops. Lights blink; red, blue, green, yellow. The primary of it all.

The colorful space made her feel inside out. Her emotions and memories displayed on every board, blinking and reminding her of her confusion. Thoughts scramble.  She scurries to the other side making it safely.  The light turns red. Now she can think. Surrounded by neon lights, giant billboards, emotions and thoughts, she felt so lost in that brightness, in that big space. This place stole her heart. What topped it all for her was that staircase. Each step changed with her feelings and moods. Where was she? Where is she? The view sure looked good. She felt like she was in the heart of some city but she’d know better if she used her mind. It was all inside of her. Well maybe inside out.

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