Merging spaces


The Gingerbread Temple

After the long tiring walk of 500 biscuit steps, the two vagabonds finally reached the temple. The tower like top was constructed with stacks of pancakes,  with hints of blueberry syrup oozing out through the crevices. The tip was adorned with a bright, juicy cherry.

Huge, enormous pillars of macarons and cookies ornamented the entrance. The tiles made of cookie butter with a hint of sprinkles lay the path towards the idol. A delicate chandelier of meringues hung from the central dome of the temple, with light blue and pink pigments. The idol of the gingerbread man, placed on a  pedestal was awaiting his devotees.

Two smaller sections with smaller idols were made on both sides of the main temple. With ice cream sandwich steps and glazed tiles, it welcomed the worshippers towards the cupcake idols, placed in front of grand walls embedded with sprinkles, and donned with pillars of candy. The crown of these smaller temples were topped with caramel and whipped cream.

The two hungry, exhausted kids stared at all the food around them, said their prayers, and left. 


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