Hybrid Spaces

Magic Memories

With florescent orange trees, purple oceans and illuminative starry skies, the place felt as the immersion of beauty and intricacy obtained in the only expanse. The purple skies, Lavender oceans and coral mountains bellowing and calling out your name to come and join them in this adventure of enigma and desire.

The desire to believe unknown, to not see the unknown but allow yourself to listen to it and forth partake in their fanciful doings.

Well one would now just listen and behave the way he feels, as he was clear and confident that nothing could go wrong now. He’s a stray around the forests of the turquoise pine tress with tangerine trunks oozing for his attention, as if he were the emperor and everyone and everything his own. As he would further wander deeper into the forests, he hears deeper callings, the callings of the tribes.

There they the were the beautiful magenta monkeys with countless colors of passion, yelling his name on the top of their voices asking to let it go, to believe and not to see, to listen and not to hear and to follow and not to walk.

Rendering him confused and angry, more at him than at them cause someway he knew they were more truthful that he has ever believed anyone else ever was to him. They were wise.

Astonishingly, his choice of believing the monkeys open him to his second calling the calling of dampens, he witnesses the silvery simmering lakes of gratitude calling him to join them on the skillful stream of his journey. He cursorily dives right in not thinking about it twice and is transformed to this new place of clustered rainbow colored roots congratulating him on his development to follow the right. He was ecstatic he was full of joy and wanted to tell everyone. To his surprise, everyone he ever wanted there was cheering him up asking him to go ahead step forward take the next leap, to continue his journey of existence.


Magic Memories





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