Space in Artworks

Space can be subjective as it depends on a physical space or one that you could be transported to.

The Human Body Experience is a walk through attraction that features large-scale sculptures of the human anatomy and it is a temporary exhibit at The Science Centre in Singapore.

If I were to experience this,I would have felt that the space i was in was constantly changing as i would go through one body part to the next and this is one interesting part regarding a sculpture like this one.

The artwork interacts with the space and also that which the viewer perceives it to be. I see 2 distant ways of how space can be defined in this case, one that is physical with its ever changing rooms around you with different materials different smells,patterns or textures and the mental space in the sense that you are in a human body and not in just an ordinary room, you are in an enclosed space that has only one exit.

The experience is also affected through other senses that any one of us have, that of smell,sight,hearing,they too interact with the space.

The materials used to create this exhibit make the space look and feel more realistic and thus creating a more solid real image in our heads as to where we are and what we are experiencing.It could also create like a dual space and one that has more than one dimension and as one walks through this made up space we feel its more realistic as time goes by.



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