Hybrid Space


Galt gulch
Schools/Education institutes

After we pass a certain age parents start to have this idea of education that every child needs to receive. In this school people learn whatever they want and are interested in. An open environment where you leave kids with things to master in whatever they want and learn. An expression of individualism is lost due to the meticulous knowledge provided by age old teachers. Students lose their pursuit of knowledge hence, in this school students will have to do anything and excel in atleast one before they leave. They can take up whatever they want and make their own project under a mentor guidance. New ideas  needs to be thought about and given views and perspective. Students can experiment, make and create their choice things in the place. It is an open land where you provide everything except for a curriculum. 

Entire space will have different activities going on. Each square section will be dedicated to a particular outdoor activity and sports. One building will have the working office and different labs for research and development. Also building will have offices etc. A lot of sitting space and canteen. In the park near river anyone can come and do whatever they want. Also that space will have open review space where children can put up their work to get openly reviewed by anyone.

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