Spaces in “Indian” Art

Gaitonde called ‘Untitled’ in 1969.

different blue shades gives the painting depth and when seen long you tend to form your own shapes and break it down. Painting has these visual divisions which may and may not exist but has 3 layers. The colours also show transformation in change in the entire mood and feel. It has a sense of serenity and calmness.

Gaitonde called ‘Untitled’ in 1962.

There is a sense of collision and focus point. A single thread linking while the rest of the canvas is left empty. The space used in canvas is also interesting because it is not dead centre but slight off. The abstraction also has movement and gives you ambiguous hints of what it is, but not the entire picture. The use of Ink and watercolour in grey scale gives it beautiful texture.

Gaitonde ‘Painting No. 4’ in 1962.

The first thing that interested me the most are the dry strokes of paint which gives it the grainy texture. Brown and faded blue looks beautiful with a little of green as background. This painting also has a focal point where the string of events happening in the centre.It almost look like an insect party. It also gives me the idea that 2 things from right and left side of the canvas are coming together to join, the dead centre is empty which indicates the activity is in process.

Zarina Hashmi




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