Merged space

Merging -Clash of clans game into real cities


Genesis-How did the civilization came into being?

Every civilization needs resources to survive and thrive. This particular civilization requires elixirs for its citizens to thrive. The elixirs are the most abundant {for now} natural resource in this world, and run through the underground canals so that it can be accessed by its citizens. The source of these elixirs are fossilized bodies of its the previous generation of the citizens  itself. It’s a never ending cycle of bodies getting converted to elixir and back.Every scientist in this world knows about this  process , nut they still don’t know what causes these processes .

How does the civilization look like?

In the central part of the sub continent lies its  capital .It contains an elixir storage, which is heavily guarded , and metalworkers  and  engineers have installed high tech armors and have made them completely bullet proof, should intruders from enemy territories try and steal the eixir, as in this civilization, elixir is the power, to money and global dominance.. The citizens of every country  have constructed their cities around the elixir storage, which behaves like a dam for all their energy needs. The army thus is concentrated around the storage , and there are guards around the city borders to warn of incoming attack.

The future?


Above:Weapons run by elixir

This cycle of bodies-elixir-bodies has given rise to something unprecedented, over time and civilizations, the citizens have evolved and have become increasingly efficient at surviving in minimum amount of elixir, due to which the leftover elixirs are now used as ammunition for their weapons. Also, the citizens have over time developed capacities to manipulate the land ,and its resources, which they are using to construct their cities. As civilizations grow over time , their manipulating power increases more and more , and that’s when it can lead catastrophic consequences . As the citizens need less and less elixir, and their efficiency increases , lesser number of citizens will die , due to which there will be lesser amount of fossilized bodies to get converted into elixir, which will inturn cause the shortage of elixir  and energy itself. This leave all their technology and lifestyle obsolete, as they depend on elixir for energy.The only way out of this catastrophy-WAR.


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