Short notes on Artworks



The simplicity as well as the clutter between various hues of the painting illustrate the identity of the painting along with the comprehension of various ideologies zen buddhism. The aspect-ion asymmetry and inscription of creases allowed on the canvas appropriate the painting to be depicted as old and modernised within its own front. The painting effects the space by inducing oneself to the cluttered canvas and the depth it creates with the artist.


The contrast of the two colours, skin opposed to black portray a feeling of ecstasy. the work speaks to me about the journey from one end of the canvas as uniform and clear, erupting into confusion and smudginess, finishing with the similar cleanliness it began with. The confusion and energy it portrays talks about Gaitonde’s expression and ideas of completion.

Painting No. 4 

The colours depict a invasion of space with modern grey roads aligning parallel to the raw soil and cleanliness of the rural areas. The painting speaks about the urban involvement with the rural front, the development of the city and crowd viewed from the very height of the skyscrapers, seeing tiny yellow traffic lights and uneven roads of rurality. The clarity of the white spaces inscribing the new paint on the roads countered with beige puddles created in alignment.

Zarina Hashmi 

चित्र मैं हमे यह दिक्ता है की यह चित्रकार एक नक्शे की यात्रा का अभियान को बताना चाह रहा है वो बोलना चाह रहा है की वो एक जघा से दोसरि जघा जा रहा है, और वो इफ़ सफ़र को इस लकीर का ज़रिए जताना चाह रहा है


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