Space In Artworks

EKKO by the German artist Thilo Frank

EKKO offers people a very special walking tour and sound experience: EKKO is built of 119 wooden logs, each of which is angled slightly, so the construction turns in on itself along a 60-metre corridor.

As you walk through the space, the rhythmic stepping motion produces a unique sound that is then echoed by the in-built microphones that add a layer of immersion into the entire experience. Surrounded by a public area, this walk through space serves as a disconnection from the exterior with an immersion into paths of illusions that take you away for moments before one is released back into the ‘outside.’

The spectators actually move through this space created and they become a part of the artwork. The light that passes through the beams, the space that creates an illusion as you walk through, the sound that is a result of motion, all add to the experience of a private space with a public setting.


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