Spaces in ‘Indian’ Art



A play of textures, Gaitonde’s take on blue and black at first appeared to be a merging of two spaces, the darker and the lighter. The upper side of the painting portrays a darker, more violent series of strokes that tend to merge into the calmer blue, with flat, peaceful textures. As you go lower, one starts seeing the depth the painting has created and puts into ‘perspective’ a waterfront with activity and busyness at the other end. The sense of the buffer space of complete calmness, with no black strokes in the middle forms a transition space, a metaphorical threshold between the darker and the lighter side.



Gaitonde plays with scale in this painting, along with textures on a monochrome white background. The central, closest textures, put into ‘perspective’ the other two sides. Resembling figures, the painting portrays the vast space and the focus on the smaller, negligible figures in this space that somehow form the focus of the painting whilst indicating the larger space that they become a mere part of.


Painting No.4

Appearing to be a series of bonfires with logs for seating, the one on the right appears  to be smaller than the left creating that sense of depth. The colours and textures in the painting seem to be repetitive. The central black area, serves as a tunnel through the space that has these areas of being. The white space that ends up being the focus of the image due to the stark contrast with the colours that surround it, could possibly be the light at the end of the darker space. The other elements in the painting are mere guides that lead you to the end of the tunnel.


Zarina Hashmi

एक रेखा इस चित्र को दो हिस्सो मए बाट देती है। इस चित्र को देख्कर ऐसे लगता  है कि इसे आस्मन से ज़मीन के तरफ़ देख्कर बनया गया है। आडा तेडा लकीर एक नदी के तरह ज़मीन को दो िह्स्सो मे बाट देता है। नद्ीके आस पास छोटे काले निशान घरे और लोगो को दर्शाता है जो आस्मान के उस उछाई से चीटियो के समान है।

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