Sri Sri Lanka



Looking at this piece of art holistically, its honestly so beautifully intriguing. It’s such a simple idea, something so basic as a Map, turned into something with so much history and meaning. The artist has taken maps of Sri Lanka and used that whole space in the artwork to beautify this basic map and make it tell a story of so much more. The colors are so simplistic and complimenting like the turquoise blue and orange along with touches of grey. They all make the white space so comfortable. What’s most interesting to me is the addition of Hanuman, so confident, so behemoth and so bold. He’s striding along painted in colors of green, red, blue and gold looking powerful as ever carrying the mountain on his single palm. His relevance is our immediate remembrance to the mythological tale of the Ramayana and the triumph of good over evil as they call it. The shapes used to convey the map are also extremely interesting to me and the graphics to portray the artwork. The map of the fort lies in the center with the graphics and maps of the surroundings residing over the borders of the painting.

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