Sri Sri Lanka

IMG_7063Sri Sri LankaPala Pothupitiya

Pala Pothupitiya

The most interesting aspect of the artwork is the marrying of the Sri Lanka map into a human form. The representation of wave like hair with a headgear placed at the crest perhaps has some significance to royalty, or a certain class of people. The robe like structure, with a darker underlying layer too in some way reflects a ceremonial robe usually worn on top of existing garments. The slight implication of a dagger or sword hidden underneath may have reference to the violence encountered by the country. Interestingly the print on the dagger is of paper clips. Since paper clips were used as a symbol of resistance in WWII, here too they might be symbolic of the same. Just below the ‘neck’ there are a number of tiny parrots symbolic of the hanging parrots of Sri Lanka, which are also found on their currency.

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